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What is GLOTE?

GLOTE is the GLASS Object Three-D Editor. That is, it is a GTK+ based editor the edits GLASS models. GLASS is a 3D object library (see the homepage). GLOTE is released under the terms of the GNU GPL.

How do I get GLOTE?

The latest version (at the time of writing) is 0.3.1
It is probably a good idea to check the sourceforge page in case I haven't updated this.
The cutting edge version is available by CVS at

After downloading the source, unpack with:
$ tar xfvz glote-VERSION.tar.gz
Enter the directory and compile...
$ cd glote-VERSION/
$ make
Run with:
$ ./glote

GLOTE requires GTK+, GLASS >= 1.1.1, and GtkGLArea.


The is a GLOTE tutorial

How do I contact the author(s)?

Well the only author is me (at the moment), but I always welcome feedback. Send me any questions/comments/ideas. If you make some GLASS objects, send them to me (under a suitably free license), so I can build an archive.
Robert Cleaver Ancell
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